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DOLLY 3-WHEEL 6IN 130LB       Shepherd 9299 Super-Tri Furniture Dolly Shepherd 9851 Movers Blanket
1-1/4" Polyolefin wheel with steel ball bearings and cushioned pads. Black wheels. Shepherd Furniture Dolly, Super-Tri, 200 lb Load Capacity, 6 in Length, Steel Platform, 3 Casters, 1-1/4 in Caster, Black Polyolefin Wheel, Steel Ball Bearing, Used as Indoors or Outdoors Provides additional padded protection for business equipment or furniture during moves or storage.
DOLLY 3-WHEEL 12IN 300LB      DOLLY FURN POLY 19.5X14.5IN   Mintcraft TC-500 Furniture Dolly
2" Polyolefin wheel with steel ball bearings and cushioned pads. Black wheels. Padded natural hardwood frame with clear sealed ball bearing swivel shaft. Solid polypropylene casters and 4 piece locking nuts. 5-1/2" high, with 3" wheels.
Shepherd 9854 Furniture Dolly DOLLY FURNITURE POLY 30X18IN  Mintcraft FD-1812 Furniture Dolly
Shepherd Furniture Dolly, 360 lb Load Capacity, 25 in Length, 18-1/4 in Width, 12-1/2 in Height, Solid Wood Platform, 4 Casters, 3 in Caster, Rubber Wheel, 7/8 in Tread Width, For Mobility to Heavy, Bulky Items in the Basement or Garage Prosource  Furniture Dolly, 800 lb Load Capacity, 18 in Length, 12 in Width, 5 in Height, Hardwood Platform, Natural, 4 Casters, 3 in Caster, Polypropylene Caster
Mintcraft MT10101 Movers Blanket
Prosource Movers Blanket, 72 in Width, 80 in Length, 70% Polyester/30% Cotton Fabric, For Business Equipment or Furniture During Moves or Storage